This year, the Trenčín Foundation once again starts a campaign for gaining two percent from taxes of corporate actors and individuals. To support the campaign we have created a short spot. The ambition of the authors is to gain attention of the public and convince the undicided.
23 February 2014
The artists visited DSS ALIA in Bardejov, CSS in Prešov, DSS Symbia in Zvolen, DSS Hrabiny in Nová Baňa, ŠZŠI in Topoľčany and DSS Nový Domov in Prievidza.
23 February 2014
The Christmas Bazaar is a pre-Christmas charity event focussed on gaining financial resources to support the theatrical performances of the Doctors Klaun in the institutions of social and medical care. Puppeteers, mimes, klauns and magicians bring joy especially into special primary boarding schools, social services homes and nurseries.
07 December 2013
It has been nine years, since the Trenčín Foundation turned with good faith towards the citizens and also visitors of Trenčín with the project Open Your Heart, Donate a Book for the first time. Children’s books, that anonymous donors could purchase in four of Trenčín’s bookstores, were addressed to children from…
07 December 2013
Trenčín Foundation invites cordially to a beneficial auction, that takes place in Panorama Club Trenčín on 26th November with participation of celebrities. An invitation to the event was accepted by the theatrical and movie actress, Trenčín’s own Marta Sládečková, and the musician and composer Marcel Palonder.
30 October 2013
Between 15th and 18th October, we visited six secondary schools in the region of Trenčín, which were active participants of the project.
23 October 2013
In 2013, Agentúra regionálnej pomoci set up Fund of Mutual Help. The objective of this fund is to collect funds from ARP s.r.o and other legal bodies and individuals, which respect the mission of the Fund, in order to distribute the funds to individuals who are in difficult living situation,…
26 September 2013
The competition for six high schools, which entered the project „Looking for the common in a varied community“, was announced on 17th June 2013. Since then until the deadline on 10th September 2013, 19 authors registered with 53 photographs capturing interesting moments, observations and unusual situations as seen by the young…
23 September 2013
Trenčín Foundation is preparing another year of the project Open Your Heart, Donate a Book, dedicated to children from socially disadvantaged families. Every year, the project has two dimensions – to support individual donorship and informal education of the children. Unintentionally, a third dimension of the project began to appear over time.…
22 September 2013
Since the inception of the foundation fund, up until 2012, famous performers for children visited 86 institutions, performed 848 theatrical acts and participated on 11 beneficial events organized to support the foundation fund. The value of the donations for the foundation fund from individual donors, companies and foundations reached 88 003…
20 September 2013
Our mission is to develop donorship and support meaningful activities, which bring improvement to living conditions for the whole community. Become part of our stories, which we helped realize, join our heart-to-heart campaign.
30 August 2013
On Wednesday 10th July, a group from the Youth Bank visited IQ Roma servis o.s. in Břeclav and the South Moravia Community Foundation in Moravská Nová Ves.
16 July 2013