Fund of Joy

Since childhood, he liked nature and animals. He dreamed about travelling and started fulfilling his dreams as soon as he began working. He visited New Zealand, Malaysia, Nepal, India and Thailand, wondered at incredible nature, lived and worked with the natives and got to know new cultures. He understood many things, while on his travels. Life did not make it easy for him, as he broke both his ankles while doing sport and it was doubtful whether he would walk again. He was lucky to have family and friends who were able to help him. The experience led him to the idea that he would also like to help and be happy about it. And also that he would like to travel again.

26 April 2014

The founder is Miroslav Hradil, nature and animal enthusiast, traveler and explorer. In 2014, he decided to establish his own donation fund in order to collect and subsequently allocate financial means in the form of grants to individuals or NGOs, which cultivate activities to improve the life of people and animals, following the idea: „If you give somebody food, you will feed him for a day, if you teach him how to cook, you will feed him for life“.

Financial means of the fund are meant for Trenčín municipality.

Depositors of the financial means are the founder and any individuals or corporations who respect the message and mission of the fund.

Allocation of the funds is put forward by a grant committee, which is made out of the founder, representatives of Trenčín Foundation and any other members proposed by the founder. Final decision rests with the Board of Directors of the Foundation. No legal entitlement exists for granting the funds and there is no appeal possible against the decision of the Board.

To apply for the grant, it is necessary to submit a written application. It has to contain at least the following information:

a)    brief characteristics of the project and its purpose

b)    the requested sum

c)    identification data of the applicant

The recipients of the funds can be NGOs and individuals, whose activities correspond with the mission of the fund.

26 April 2014