Fund of Mutual Help

In 2013, Agentúra regionálnej pomoci set up Fund of Mutual Help. The objective of this fund is to collect funds from ARP s.r.o and other legal bodies and individuals, which respect the mission of the Fund, in order to distribute the funds to individuals who are in difficult living situation, whether it is long-term or suddenly and to NGO´s, whose projects can demonstratively improve the quality of life of aforementioned people.

26 September 2013

Financial resources of the Fund are at present meant exclusively for districts of Trenčín municipality.

The main depositor of funds is company ARP s.r.o, and the source are payments of advertisers of fortnightly Discounts In My Town. Contributors may be also another companies or individual donors, who respect the mission of the Fund.

The distribution of the funds is decided by a three-member grant committee, consisting of representatives from ARP s.r.o and Trenčín Foundation. There is no legal claim for awarding the grant and no appeal is possible against the decision of the grant committee.

It is possible to apply for the financial support from the fund continuously throughout the year. The conditions and the necessary forms for individuals and legal bodies will be available in the section Grantmaking Program.

Individuals who are long-term or suddenly in bad living situation and NGO´s, whose projects will demonstratively improve the quality of life of such people, can apply for the grant. The stories captured in the projects, will be published in the advertising newspaper Discounts In My Town, to inform the advertisers and the public.

26 September 2013