Our Dutch friends, who were at the beginning of the Dr. Clown foundation fund and contributed greatly to its formation will visit Trenčín. Once again, they decided to help, even in these complicated times. Apart from their financial contribution, they will also bring to Slovakia medical supplies, toys, handmade sets…
23 July 2020
Our next invitation for the Soup of Joy is once again to Kebabizňa on Sládkovičová 3 in Trenčín. Friday 14th February from 11am to 2pm, we will be directing our help to a family from Trenčianske Teplice. Their story will be made known to you at the event.
07 February 2020
Once again, the rain did not spear the Bazaar. It was however kind to us, perhaps because our guardian angel dressed as Chalie Chaplin and the clown have spend most of the day with us in the tent. We have received a symbolic sum of 2020 euro for the donated objects,…
28 December 2019
The family of Zemančič lives on the outskirts of Drietoma in modest conditions. The youngest son Vladko is 26 years old and his health condition prevents him from leading a normal childhood outside his family surroundings. Kind donors provided a fridge and a financial gift for the family.
28 December 2019
The books from the fifteenth year of Open your Heart, Donate a Book are sold out and have already been donated. We met the children from twenty kindergartens and primary schools from Trenčín on Tuesday 17th December in the cosy atmosphere of the Michal Rešetka Public Library in Trenčín in the…
23 December 2019
Who does not like a good soup? There is nothing more symbolic, than the connection between a warm soup, Christmas and joy. We invite you to the Soup of Joy on 13th December from 11am to 2pm in Kebabizňa on the Sládkovičova Street number 3 in Trenčín. Switch your regular lunch in…
07 December 2019
The ninth year of the Good Bazaar of the Trenčín Foundation is unusual. It is a part of the “From November to November” Game. If you visit the Good Bazaar and join the game, you can celebrate with us the whole year. By purchasing objects at the Good Bazaar, you…
24 November 2019
Do you think you could donate at least one euro for each year? If so, you are the right person for our game. Apart from fabulous prizes, which will be decided  on 27th November 2020, you celebrate with the Foundation throughout the year.
17 November 2019
Each year, at least two hundred children enjoys books donated by a stranger from among the customers of some of Trenčín´s bookstores. And that is the right way, because we can be kind, even when no one is looking.
17 November 2019
On May 23rd, the Board of Directors of the Trenčín Foundation approved the proposal of the Donors Club to support seven projects out of ten in the amount of 2614 €. This year, the call for proposals included projects from Trenčín, Trenčianske Teplice, Trenčianska Teplá, Selec and Nemšová, Ľuborča.
01 June 2019
Foundation fund Dr, Klaun was founded in 2002 by a Dutch philanthropist Jacques van der Linden and his only wish was for the clowns to spread joy to children throughout Slovakia. Today, we continue his vision mainly thanks to the grant of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.
26 May 2019
The rain poured virtually non-stop on the day of the Good Bazaar of the Trenčín Foundation. A sudden gale almost blew away our tent. Most of the things got soaked by the rain... and yet, the volunteers and the visitors were in a good humour. As for the seven previous years, the…
29 December 2018