Twenty Years of Giving

Do you know how old the Trenčín Foundation is? In October 2019, we asked the question for the first time, and we are posing it again. The correct answer is twenty, which is the same as the amount you will be donating to community projects in 2021, if you decide to purchase tickets to our anniversary concert on 27th November in the theatre hall of ODA Trenčín.

10 October 2020

And if you haven´t solved our puzzle yet, you still have a chance. Bracelets with clues are still in play at events of the Trenčín Foundation.

The anniversary evening will be a celebration of industrious people with good heart, who do not hesitate to give their time, skills and funds for benefit of others. It will also be a celebration of corporate philanthropy that is an important part of the community. Through the history of the foundation, many successful projects will be remembered and many esteemed guests connected with the foundation will be presented.

The evening will begin with memento of the successful public collection for restoration of the Roman inscription on the castle rock associated with the first important guest Martin Babjak. Other guests that will be present include Peter Lipa and Pavol Seriš who we met at the Trenčín Korso, Milo Kráľ and Janette Štefánková, who participated at the Good Bazaar, Vlado Kulíšek and Adrián Ohrádka, who have been bringing joy to children for a long time and other figures that we know from the Trenčín community life, including the quartet of Trenčín Chamber Orchestra, MS Dance Studio, Aurelius Q, Krajka, Trenčín Town Theater and Born to Trick.

In the course of the evening, we will untangle the strands of our anniversary activities that took place from November 2019 to November 2020, we will recognize deeds of the last two decades, announce the winners of the anniversary game From November to November, but most important, we will enjoy the concert of music, theatre arts and acrobatic skill.

Tickets for the November concert are for sale in the Culture Information Centre on the Peace Square number 9 in Trenčín, in the Trenčín Foundation, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or through telephone on +421 903 175 863 and online through MaxiTicket. The price of a ticket is 20 euros and as a bonus, you will receive a rainbow bracelet with a letter for the game “From November to November”. The whole proceeds from the ticket sales will be used to support community projects in 2021. We will see you at the party on 27th November.


10 October 2020