A Day with Dr. Clown

The Trenčín Foundation had the pleasure of spending the Wednesday of August 12th in the nice environment of the HOSS Sport Center in Trenčín and in the pleasant company of our friends from Netherlands Dennis, Sonja and René Stenfert, his excellency Henk Cor van der Kwast, vice-mayor Patrik Žák, directors of DSS DEMY Tibor Gavenda and DSS Adamovské Kochanovce Jana Pondušová and the mime Vlado Kulíšek.

13 August 2020

In the end, the Day with Dr. Clown could not take place in the DSS DEMY as was originally planned, because of security reasons. However, the children from this and other similar institutions across Slovakia will not be denied the joy that the Dr. Clown bring. They will meet another day thanks to the financial gift in the amount of 1786.50 euros donated by our friends from Netherlands.

Dennis and Sonja organized financial and material collection with the help of the founder of the foundation fund Jacques van der Linden. DSS DEMY, DSS Adamovské Kochanovce and Dimin Center in Prievidza were thankful to receive therapeutic blankets, handmade sets, plush toys, children´s balance bikes.

Honoured guests also accepted the invitation of the director of DSS Adamovské Kochanovce to their special workshop in the Executioner´s House named „Café On the Road“, which employs physically disadvantaged people.

13 August 2020