The Trenčín Foundation provided the young people from the Sunny House social services centre on the Važecká street in Prešov with one of our performances funded by the Dr. Klaun Fund.
27 March 2016
Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the people of Trenčín in the period before the Bazaar, we were once again left with some unsold objects. As per usual, the Trenčín Foundation managed to find a new home for them.
22 January 2016
We spent the last advent Saturday on the Peace Square in Trenčín, in good humor, with good people and with a good feeling in the heart from doing something meaningful. Out of the many donated objects, we manage to sell all sorts of things – electronics, books, toys, art – all…
28 December 2015
On the 17th December, we met the children at the hand-over of the donated children´s books from the Open Your Heart, Donate a Book project for the eleventh year. The donors were plentiful, and all the children had a smile on their faces, when they finally received their books.
28 December 2015
7 years ago, the Dr. Klaun Fund and the Bojnice ZOO organized a big event for children from social care institutions and special primary schools. The organizers decided to revive this hugely successful event, and so the kids met with the Dr. Klauns in Bojnice once more. This time around, the…
28 December 2015
This Christmas, the Trenčín Foundation provides citizens once more with the opportunity to donate unused objects, that others might find useful or pleasant, and to support a charitable cause at the same time. Do you want to know how? The answer is the Good Bazaar of the Trenčín Foundation.
21 November 2015
With Christmas approaching, the Trenčín Foundation is gearing up towards the eleventh year of the Open Your Heart, Donate a Book project. People of good heart will once again have a chance to donate the gift of book to children from socially disadvantaged families. Five book stores in Trenčín offered up their…
21 November 2015
The Donors Club of the Trenčín Foundation operates since twelve years ago. Its existence and continuous activity is an example of the functioning of the local democracy in Trenčín. This year, the members of the Donors Club met up once again to decide on the allocation of the funds they…
05 November 2015
In times, when the people´s confidence in the high politics governance reaches a minimum, the third sector presents the most effective alternative for effectuating even a small change for the better in society. It is in this regard, that the traditional call for proposals of the Donors Club is of special significance to…
21 July 2015
It is already thirteen years since Jacques van der Linden, the owner of the Dutch transportation company, decided to establish the foundation fund Dr. Clown. He knew about the idea from his homeland Netherlands and wanted to bring it to Slovakia as well.
18 June 2015
The move is one of the hardest things I experienced during my time with the Foundation. Boxes full of folders, papers and some other nonsense that are necessarily collected during fourteen years of running an office are not the only unpleasant thing. Besides the common administration changes that need to be…
19 April 2015
On 4th February, the members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation met to discuss the projects submitted to the call for proposals Nové nápady na Váhu. Two of the seven submitted projects passed without objections regarding either the conditions or content. Other three were proposed to receive support…
16 February 2015