The Donors Club is back with a call for proposals once again

In times, when the people´s confidence in the high politics governance reaches a minimum, the third sector presents the most effective alternative for effectuating even a small change for the better in society. It is in this regard, that the traditional call for proposals of the Donors Club is of special significance to the Trenčín community.

21 July 2015

Once again, the Donors Club will support the most beneficial projects. These will be selected based on the evaluations of the donors themselves, which assures transparency and respects the aims of the individual donors at the same time.

Who can apply for a grant? Non-governmental organizations, cultural and free-time institutions with residency in Trenčín, citizens of Trenčín and informal groups of citizens of Trenčín. The Donors Club supports a wide range of activities from different areas of communal life: from the children´s free time, culture, sport, improvement of the environment, neighborhood activities, preservation of traditions, crime prevention, education, to help for the physically handicapped. The support will go to the projects that are beneficial for the community and its development, projects aimed at promotion of Trenčín and projects stimulating a cooperation of the local government, the organizations and the  community.

The deadline of the call for proposals is on 25th September 2015, 12:00 am. At this time, the projects needs to have been handed in via mailbox, or personally in the offices of the Trenčín Foundation on the new address: Trenčín Foundation, Kniežaťa Pribinu 3, 911 01 Trenčín.

21 July 2015