Aftermath of the Good Bazaar 2015

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the people of Trenčín in the period before the Bazaar, we were once again left with some unsold objects. As per usual, the Trenčín Foundation managed to find a new home for them.

22 January 2016

The citizens of Trenčín surpassed their own generosity. Not only did the proceeds from the Good Bazaar exceed the total of the last year, also the total volume of the donated objects was greater. That means some gifts were not sold at the Bazaar. Despite that, all these objects fulfilled their purpose as we managed to find other grateful recipients.

Unsold books went to the Public Library of M. Rešetka in Trenčín. Skies, ski boots and skates went the Children´s home Lastovička, sheets and larger plush toys to the social dresser and hand-sewn skirts to the dancers from the Džamál group. Some of the smaller plush toys will be gifted to children through the Open Your Heart, Donate a Book project.

The Good Bazaar took place in the pre-Christmas period on the Peace Square. The Trenčín Foundation and its volunteers sold donated objects in the amount of 1065 €, and thus surpassed the last year´s total. The proceeds will be used to fund theatrical performances for children in the institutions of social and health care throughout Slovakia.

22 January 2016