Dr. Klaun with the Children in Bojnice ZOO

7 years ago, the Dr. Klaun Fund and the Bojnice ZOO organized a big event for children from social care institutions and special primary schools. The organizers decided to revive this hugely successful event, and so the kids met with the Dr. Klauns in Bojnice once more. This time around, the winter garden welcomed the children on 10th December 2015.

28 December 2015

The children walked through the exteriors and the new interiors of the ZOO attentively but with a smile on their faces. They learnt all about the animals from the ZOO experts and were accompanied by two jolly clowns all the time. The children were divided into two teams. The group of „Red Explorers“ consisted of kids from the ŠZŠI Brezolupy school and the „Green Explorers“ were from DSS (Social care institution) Adamovské Kochanovce, DSS Hrabiny Nová Baňa, Domino centrum Prievidza and Nový domov Prievidza.

Porcupines, a dangerous python and also a calm tortoise were introduced to the children. They saw curious bears that had very little trouble opening the Christmas presents. The kids listened to talks about large beasts and lion cubs Ramesse and Zara. In the end, they watched elephants in a training session with excitement.

The winter ZOO is calm and sleepy. Despite that, the children left full of experiences with presents in their backpacks. They said goodbye to the animals but promised to come back next year. A big thank you also goes to our clowns Adrian Ohrádka and Vlado Kulíšek, and to the employees of the Bojnice ZOO for the joy they brought to the children.

28 December 2015