Donors Club granted support to meaningful activities in Trenčín

The Donors Club of the Trenčín Foundation operates since twelve years ago. Its existence and continuous activity is an example of the functioning of the local democracy in Trenčín. This year, the members of the Donors Club met up once again to decide on the allocation of the funds they themselves donated to the projects aimed at free-time activities, support for the disabled, education, arts and sports.

05 November 2015

On 27th October 2015, the yearly meeting of the Donors Club took place in the Bulgur restaurant. In a traditionally congenial atmosphere, the main agenda consisted of presentations of the projects applying for a grant and their evaluation by the members of the Donors Club. Additionally, the outcomes of successful projects from the last year were also presented. Ten projects applied for the total sum of 2 400 €, where 1 466 € came from the donors and the rest was added by the Board of Directors from the funds of the foundation. Out of the ten applicants, eight projects received support.

The greatest success with the members of the Donors Club was enjoyed by the Folkfest under Ostrý of the Eva n.o. organisation for the second year running.

Other supported projects included:

Background for Active Mothers and Their Children by Občianske združenie Handrbolka,
Brezina for Everyone by Materské centrum SRDIEČKO,
Magical Brezina by Klub detí a mládeže TIGRÍKY,
A Summer Daycare Camp presented by Zdenko Marousek,
Christmas Cymbalo Concert by Trenčianske osvetové stredisko v Trenčíne,
Help Me to Make it on My Own by Montessori klub
Hala 2016 – A Week of the Contemporary Art by občianske združenie Hala.

The supported projects will be implemented within the next twelve months.

05 November 2015