Since the inception of the foundation fund, up until 2012, famous performers for children visited 86 institutions, performed 848 theatrical acts and participated on 11 beneficial events organized to support the foundation fund. The value of the donations for the foundation fund from individual donors, companies and foundations reached 88 003…
20 September 2013
Our mission is to develop donorship and support meaningful activities, which bring improvement to living conditions for the whole community. Become part of our stories, which we helped realize, join our heart-to-heart campaign.
30 August 2013
On Wednesday 10th July, a group from the Youth Bank visited IQ Roma servis o.s. in Břeclav and the South Moravia Community Foundation in Moravská Nová Ves.
16 July 2013
The goal of the competition is to create a collection of photographs, in which young people capture everyday life in its diversity, interesting moments and unusual situations and present their view on the singularities of accepted social standard.
28 June 2013
A safe town is a real home for its inhabitants. We perceive it differently, but everybody can say that they feel good  in a sunlit and spacious place.
30 May 2013
On Saturday, the 18th of May all four of the pre-planned games were played out and though teams of SUŠ, PaSa, children from Fitness Gabrhel and Džamál Junior caught the heaviest rain, they all held on and we hope nobody was upset.
23 May 2013
As we did for a number of years in succession now, we open our doors for the visitors and friends once again. You will be warmly welcome in our office inside Sokolovňa building in Sihoť on 15th May from 11,00 until 17,00.
13 May 2013
Trenčín´s natives is one of the activities of the project New Fundraising Activities of Trenčín Foundation supported from V4 Community Foundation Maturity Program. We thank for the opportunity to be on air.
12 May 2013
On April 17th, members of the board of directors of the foundation met to evaluate 14 projects put forward in the call for proposals of the Youth Bank, based on the presentations of representatives of youth group.
12 May 2013
Last year, we prepared a project, whose long-term goal is to create a network of new pleasant places in Trenčín. The distinctive outcome of the project are Special Benches.
07 February 2013
Since 1st May, it will again be possible to apply for financial support for activities of young people.
07 February 2013