The photography competition for students is finished

The competition for six high schools, which entered the project „Looking for the common in a varied community“, was announced on 17th June 2013. Since then until the deadline on 10th September 2013, 19 authors registered with 53 photographs capturing interesting moments, observations and unusual situations as seen by the young people.

23 September 2013

Members of the panel, which comprised professional photographers and pedagogues, evaluated mainly the idea, captured situation and content of the photography, less the technical merit. Based on these criteria, they have chosen 25 images that will create a touring exhibition at the discussion forums in high schools and 3 winning shots, which captured the closest the theme of the competition.

The first prize in the value of 80 € received the photography „You are never in it alone“ by Gabriela Dávidová from Gymnasium V. B. Nedožerského in Prievidza. The second prize in the value of 50 € goes to Barbora Schwarzová from Gymnasium J. Jesenského in Bánovce nad Bebravou for the photography „Children“ and the third prize in the value of 10 € to Eliška Herinková from Gymnasium M. R. Štefánika in Nové Mesto nad Váhom for the photography „Friendship“. Interesting fact is, that barring one male competitor, the view of the secondary-school boys is missing.

The project „Looking for the common in a varied community“, supported by the funds from Intenda Foundation and CEE Trust within V4 CFMP, carries on through discussion forums in October, which will be accompanied by the touring exhibition and viewing of a short presentation movie.

We thank Intenda Foundation, Foto Vrátny and Expres FOTO for provided financial rewards. Our gratitude also belongs to the panel members and, of course, to the participating students.

23 September 2013