We met and debated with 120 secondary school students

Between 15th and 18th October, we visited six secondary schools in the region of Trenčín, which were active participants of the project.

23 October 2013

Upon the closing of the photographic competition for secondary schools, we worked hard on the selection and the processing of submitted photos, which would appropriately represent the ideas of the competition and present the views of the young generation on the life around them. Experts on photography or graphics were the selectors of photos and 25 out of 53 pictures are still accessible for viewing at out web page. The exhibited pictures were a great guideline for all of the six discussion forums and whether or not were the participants also the authors, all of them were intrigued by their resourcefulness and diversity.  

Jozef Snopko, in the role of a facilitator, opened up several themes concerning ingrained prejudices. Those can man create based on race, weight, gender, language, religion and anything else viewed as different. In depended on students and their own views or experiences, which of the themes were discussed more intensively and which not.

The project „Looking For The Common In Varied Society“, supported by funds from Intenda Foundation and CEE Trust within V4 CFMP, has its continuation in processing an information material about the discussed themes, results of the photographic competition and the very pictures from the competition. Its printed version will be provided for schools and libraries and an e-version will be accessible through the Foundation`s web page.

We thank the pedagogues and students of Gymnasium M.R. Štefánika in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Gymnasium in Dubnica nad Váhom, Gymnasium Ľ. Štúra in Trenčín, Middle Medical School in Trenčín, Gymnasium J. Jesenského in Bánovce nad Bebravou and Gymnasium V. B. Nedožerského in Prievidza for their willingness and assistance in organizing and realizing of the discussion forums.

23 October 2013