Put Topvar to Work 2013 Closed

In 2013, we have, in collaboration with Pivovary Topvar (Brewery Topvar), prepared a new grant making program for the western Slovakia. The traditional brand Topvar, that was born in Topoľčany, has decided to help the inhabitants of the western Slovakia to realize their ideas for the improvement of the towns that they live in. Since September 1 till October 31 2013, Topvar sacrificed 1 cent of each sold bottle and can of Topvar beer in selected stores to the Put Topvar to Work project.

09 August 2014

The financial resources were selected for the support of projects aimed at improvement of the environment. The applicants were individuals of 18+ years who were at the same time the inhabitants of towns from the municipalities of Bánovce nad Bebravou, Hlohovec, Ilava, Levice, Myjava, Nitra, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Partizánske, Piešťany, Prievidza, Senica, Skalica, Topoľčany, Trenčín, Trnava a Zlaté Moravce. The closure of the call for proposals was 30th September and since 1st of October, all 24 entered projects were publicised on www.topvar.sk. Seven most interesting and most useful projects were chosen by the public with 6 097 votes through online voting.

The projects were supported with the total amount of 6 663 € and they were being implemented since November 2013 till June 2014. Today, they are all successfully closed and we are glad to present them to you through our photo gallery and a short word.

Successful projects in order according to obtained votes:

Reconstruction and improvement of Educational Tourist Path through Zlaté Moravce
Applicant: Ľudovít Chládek
Place of realization: Zlaté Moravce
Number of obtained votes: 1024

Educational Tourist Path provides easy Access to complex data on cultural sites, parks, cemeteries and Calvary. Today, it has completely reconstructed informational panels and four new ones. It is longer by two and a half kilometres and one of its components is the informational movables, such as the originally not functional phone booth.

Zone without Money
Applicant: Zuzana Godálová
Place of realization: Topoľčany
Number of obtained votes: 669

The event took place in the multimedia area for current culture Nástupište (Platform) 1-12 in Topoľčany. Saturday, the counters in the Topoľčany underpass filled with clothes, toys, books, CDs, kitchen tools, shoes, apartment accessories, furniture and other things, that would otherwise end up in the garbage. Most of the objects found a new owner.

Reconstruction of the stage in Hviezda in Trenčín
Applicant: Zuzana Mišáková
Place of realization: Trenčín
Number of obtained votes: 648

The floor of the stage in the former Hviezda cinema in Trenčín is medically safe and aesthetically pleasing after the reconstruction. A new stairway leads to the stage. The look at the stage does not affect the impression of the performances anymore. The former Hviezda cinema is one of the few public spaces inTrenčín, where cultural events, theatrical, musical and dance rehearsals can take place.

Culture of Respect
Applicant: Milan Petráš
Place of realization: Prievidza
Number of obtained votes: 624

Arrangement of the surroundings of the charity building has been concentrated on the works connected with the Exchange of the fence, planting of plants. Moreover, with the help of young volunteers from PIAR company and students of Piaristická school of F. Hanáka in Prievidza, a Christmas beneficial concert for the support of the Charity – House of St. Vincent in Prievidza.

Reconstruction of the social establishment ŠK Petrova Ves
Applicant: Roman Guček
Place of realization: Petrova Ves
Number of obtained votes: 624

During the reconstruction of the social establishment in the football stadium of FC Petrova Ves, shower heads, sinks, tiles and the floor were exchanged. New water pipes, sewers and electrical installation were laid down. The football stadium ŠK Petrova Ves was built in 1976 and to this day, it serves the teams of children, juniors and men0.

Construction and Installation of the Informative Panel Fortification Zobor
Applicant: Ján Kratochvíl
Place of realization: Nitra
Number of obtained votes: 336

The newly constructed informational panel provides information on the three thousand years old national cultural monument Fortification Zobor and on the results of the archaeological research. It is situated on the terminal bus stop, from where marked paths lead to the top of Zobor Hill and to the educational path Fortification Zobor. It also informs on other fortifications in the Zobor mountains in Dražovice, Lupka, Martin Hill, Žibrica.

Wine Yard of Saint Urban
Applicant: Mário Majerčík
Place of the realization: Nitra
Number of obtained votes: 331

The area next to the statue of Saint Urban within the village of Golianovo is open for public the whole year. It offers opportunities for active pass time. There are different types of fruit trees (apples, plums, apricots,...) planted here, together with several traditional sorts of viniculture trees (such as mulberries). Today, there is a new wooden construction covered with grass from the local pond standing on a concrete  of 6 x 13 metres as a starting point for the whole route of the educational path in the area of the town of Golianovo.

09 August 2014