All about Donating

If you decide to donate in favour of Trenčín Foundation you can:

  • invest at home support the projects in your home through your donation,
  • decide on where you want to aim your donation, we accomodate our service to your needs,
  • choose from different forms of donating the one, that ideally suit your vision,
  • pool your donation together with others. Even when your donation is smaller, you can help realize a bigger project or support more organisations this way,
  • easily and quickly take care of administrative workload connected to donating,
  • not to lose control over your donation, have information on how it was used and practically check the actual use of the donation,
  • leave the agenda connected to the application for support to the foundation. This way, you gain professional management of your donation without the costs of running your own foundation,
  • leave a mark for the future in case that you decide to found a fund with your name, or you make a contribution to foundation’s endowment.