How to Donate

Financial Gift

Send a financial gift to the foundation’s account in Sberbank Slovensko number 4250041305/3100 and if you donate to a particular project, foundation fund or activity, write so in the commentary. If you want to check the information, or you want to stay anonymous, contact us and we will draft a Donation Contract for your gift.

Donors Club Membership

Become a member of the Donors Club. Fill out an application and send your donation in the minimal amount of 10 € to the foundation’s account number 4250041305/3100 in Sberbank Slovensko, along with variable symbol 20030311 and your name, or pledge the donation in cash in the office of the foundation.

Donating 2% of the Tax

According to the Act n. 595/2003 Z.z. on the income tax, every firm and individual that is subject to taxation can decide on allocation of 2 % of the tax. You can decide in favor of the Trenčín Foundation.

Founding of Your Own Foundation Fund

If you plan on donating regularly a certain sum in the close future and you want to donate to a particular purpose, we recommend you to create your own foundation fund. As a founder, you can determine its name and conditions under which the finances would be used and you can participate in the decision-making process. The foundation fund works as your own foundation, without you having to finance costly administration. A fund is also a legacy, which your children and their children can manage after you.

Donating Your Own Birthday

Donate your birthday. Propose to your family and your friends, to give you a special gift. Instead of purchasing gifts as usual, they can send the funds to the account of the foundation number 4250041305/3100 in Sberbank Slovensko. This way, you can support a particular project, foundation fund or activity. All you have to do, is to fill out this simple form

Non-financial Gift

We appreciate a non-financial gift, which can help to lower our expenditures, as well:

  • service (counseling, propagation, graphic work,...),
  • material gift (office equipment, material,...),
  • material for foundation projects or for recipients of our grants (artistic equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment).

Voluntary Work

Donate your time, talent and organizational capabilities in the form of voluntary work by helping to organize events of the Trenčín Foundation (Korzo, Clowns Day, Youth Bank, Open Your Heart, Donate a Book).

Last Will, Real Estate, Life Insurance

This form of donating is unusual in Slovakia at the moment, although it is a substantial part of foundations’ wealth abroad. If you have the impression that you have managed to secure those closest to you sufficiently, you wish to do something for the next generations and preserve the name of your family, do consider this manner of long term donorship and pledge part of your fortune or profits in favor of your own fund within the Trenčín Foundation. More on a philanthropic message in a testament on

Online Donation

Donate online through PayPal. It is possible to use the PayPal service for secure purchase on the internet. It is faster than a bank transfer and costs you nothing. The receiver pays the bill.