Donate Your Birthday

Do you have birthday this year? Everyone does. So why not use them to do something meaningful?

Give up your birthday gifts in favour of people that need it, whose ideas are supported by the Trenčín Foundation, or in favour of children or seniors, who can also be the targets of donation in your name.

Ask your friends and your family to send the money, intended for your gift, to an account of the Trenčín Foundation IBAN SK45 8330 0000 0020 0237 3096 in Fio banka.

Don't forget to identify their gift for you. It is important to use your birthdate as a variable symbol and your name as additional information.

Send us a notification, that you intend to donate your birthday in favour of activities of our community foundation through this simple form

Based on the provided data, we will inform you, when your birthday approaches to keep an eye on the right date for you to start your campaign.

After having recieved and identified the funds for your birthday donation, we will send you a thank you card with information about the donated sum.


Form - Donate Your Birthday
When is your birthday ?