Own Projects

Other than the grant-making program, we regularly address current problems and implement our own projects. Their goal is to present the foundation, address the public, the donors, point out the missing activities in the community and fill them, educate, provide space for voluntary work and also gain financial sources for the grant-making program or individual support. 

Trenčín Korzo

Trenčín Korzo is a Sunday meeting of citizens on the most beautiful square of Trenčín open to everyone, who have grown fond of the Sunday stroll on the Korzo. In the 1960s and the 1970s, different generations of citizens used to meet on Sunday on the Peace square to cement old or make new social contacts. In 2002, the Trenčín Foundation renewed the Korzo and since then, we create space for presentation of interesting activities on the Korzo each year. Every Korzo is unique thanks to its theme, which changes every time.

Youth Bank

Youth Bank are a group of volunteers aged 15 to 30. Within the foundation, they administer their own grantmaking program aimed at other young people in the community. They participate in the life of their town, they can influence small and also bigger changes and they can help active groups of citizens. Youth Bank is a joint project of eight community foundations associates in the Association of Community Foundations of Slovakia, which is supported by the SPP Foundation.

Dr. Klaun

Dr. Klaun is a foundation fund of the Trenčín Foundation. Its purpose is to bring joy to disadvantaged children in the facilities of social and medical care. It was founded on 17th October 2002 and the wish of the founder Jacques van der Linden was that it would operate on the national scale. 

Building Up of the Foundation’s Capacities According the Needs of the Region of Trenčín

Building Up of the Foundation’s Capacities According the Needs of the Region of Trenčín is a project supported from the European Social Fund with the framework of the Operational Program Employment and Social Inclusion Implemented since July 2010 until June 2012. Its aim is to improve the professionalization and sustainability of the foundation and its sources.

Open Your Heart, Donate a Book

Open Your Heart, Donate a Book is a pre-Christmas project dedicated to children from socially disadvantaged or large families and to children of single mothers. Other than connecting children’s’ wishes with the willingness of the adults to help, it also develops the attitude of children towards reading and support individual donorship. A book purchased by an anonymous donor is delivered to children before Christmas.

Get a Taste of Tap Water

Get a Taste of Tap Water is an educational project dedicated to fresh water, its cycle and its role in our lives. It is a project for children from the infant schools in the region of Trenčín. It is sponsored by the TVS Foundation. It explains to children the cycle of the water and its changes in the nature in a playful way. It helps to create good drinking habits of the children and spread this information in the families. Children, in the company of the mascots Mr. and Mrs. Drop, take part in a number of interactive games, competitions and lectures.   

Special Trenčín Benches

Special Trenčín Benches  is a project for Trenčín aimed at refreshing the town in form of unusual benches designed and realized not only by artists. Other than a remembrance of important personalities, the benches are also a place for rest and recharging of batteries. Every year, at least one bench could be built to enlarge the network.

Trenčín Natives

Trenčín Natives is a new foundation project, whose goal is to find communication channels and to provide information from home to natives living abroad. The aim is to enable them to participate on the life in Trenčín, strengthen their patriotism, and make them interested in donorship and support of local problems. Through this project, we would like to find personalities that the people of the region of Trenčín can be proud of.