Milestonesis a symbolic title of a benefit event, prepared on the occasion of a memorable event of the foundation, dedicated to donors. As early as 2000, we co-organised the Benefit Concert for Preservation of the Roman Inscription of the Castle Wall. The symbol of the benefit event, whether it was the benefit ball in 2002 and 2003, a gala in 2008 with distinguished guests, or a charity auction in 2005 and 2010, has always been the award of the Donor of the year, awarded for extraordinary donorship of individuals or firms.

My Trenčín, My Castle

My Trenčín, My Castle was a graphic art competition for children from primary schools in Trenčín, inspired by a collection of twelve original works of art. The collection entitled Small Gallery was donated to the foundation by a group of local artists in 2003. Since then, the artworks, along with those of children were exhibited a number of times: In 2004 in the Hangman’s House and Cafe Floyd, in 2005 in the presentation room of the Post Bank. Even today, the artworks are a property of the foundation. The definitive full stop behind the project was a collection of postcards entitled My Trenčín, My Castle.

Clowns Day

Clowns Day is a benefit event, organized to support the foundation fund Dr. Klaun. Thanks to an unusual component of the project, which were successful entries into the Book of Slovak Records in several disciplines, the event gained a substantial amount of public and media interest. Each year, one of the features of a clown (nose, boots,...) provides the theme. The goal is to connect fun with support of a good idea. Other than a heap of children competitions and attractions, a public collection in favor of the foundation fund Dr. Klaun is held. The donations raise the chances of the second round of visits of the professional stage actors in 85 special institutions in the whole of Slovakia.

I Saw Trenčín Differently

I Saw Trenčín Differently was a year-long amateur photography competition. Since 1.9.2006 to 31.7.2007, 62 photographers took part, the youngest aged 12 and the oldest 71. 235 photos capture the day-to-day life in Trenčín. 14 winners were awarded throughout the project, multiple exhibitions were organized and a collection of postcards I Saw Trenčín Differently. Also a collection of banners with 14 of the photos and 6 valuable historical snapshots of Trenčín from photography maestros from 1900 – 1936 was made. 

Places, That I Like

Places, That I Like, one of the projects of the Youth Bank, which culminated on 21st April 2008 by a vernissage of photos in the former exhibition hall on Peace Square 16. The goal was not just to confront different perceptions of the same by two generations. Through photography, the young got acquainted with the world of the seniors and the seniors with computer art. To participate on the project, the Youth Bank invited three of the Retirement clubs in Trenčín, who were given not only a good time, but also cameras. 

Multigenerational Games

Multigenerational Games is a sport day for children, grand parents and teenagers. It is prepared by the Youth Bank and is unique by generational teams. The goal is to have a good time, fight solitude and win. Prizes are given not just to the winners, but to all participants.

Man, Don’t Get Angry!

Man, Don’t Get Angry! is a live simulation of a beloved board game on the Peace Square in Trenčín. The figurines are live employees of NGOs, firms’ representatives and citizens. The game is played on a giant board with a giant dice. It is accompanied by other live games, such as chess and art workshops and competitions. A commentator is also present to add a little spice to the game. The winner gets a financial grant for realization of their own public service related project. The event is connected with presentations of NGOs in the region. 

Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar is a pre-Christmas charity event aimed at gaining financial funds to support a particular target group or an individual. Based on an individual application or within the framework of a call for proposals, the foundation provides a grant to a chosen applicant and ensures its effective utilization. The success of the bazaar depends on acquisition of sufficient amount of donated objects, sport equipment, DVD, books, and on the actual sale of the items by volunteers.