We are Preparing the Eighteenth Year of “Open Your heart, Donate a Book“

The Trenčín Foundation has been turning to kind donors for eighteen years with its pre-Christmas project “Open Your Heart, Donate a Book“, and supplying their gifts in the form of a children´s book to little readers from families in temporary or long-term social need.

09 November 2022

Children, who seek favour from anonymous donors go to nursery and primary schools mostly in Trenčín, but also in Trenčianske Jastrabie, Bánovce nad Bebravou and Stará Turá. This year, we will together also donate to children from the Shelter and Centre of Social Services in Prievidza.

Thanks to regular donors, we manage to give presents to more than 200 children each year. If you are reading about the project for the first time, do not hesitate to participate. More and more people with good heart seek out bookstores in Trenčín with a special counter for “Open Your Heart, Donate a Book“. Selected children´s books are marked with an illustration from Naďa Žatková and Saša Hudecová, and are waiting for a reader. You can find them in bookstores in Trenčín and one in Prievidza from 14th November:

Bookstore Panta Rhei, ZOC Max
Bookstore Panta Rhei, OC Laugaricio
Bookstore Panta Rhei, Braneckého 7
Bioshop Malý princ, Mierové námestie 29
Knihy pre každého (Books for Everyone), OD Prior in Trenčíne
Knihy pre každého (Books for everyone), OD Prior in Prievidzi

Do not put off your visit to the bookstore, since the sale of books ends each year with the purchase of the last book. It has become a good tradition that the books sell out during the first two weeks. After your purchase, the Trenčín Foundation picks up the book and delivers it on time to the correct hands.

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09 November 2022