Dr. Clowns of the Trenčín Foundation Made Even the Waterman Valentine Laugh

If you happened to pass through the town on 11th June, purposefully or not, you might have been be surprised or delighted by meeting a clown. There were six of them and they were ready to entertain children and spread joy to those that are sad, just as they have been doing throughout their carreers.

15 June 2022

From 10am to 1pm, Miro Kasprzyk, Vlado Kulíšek, Roman Mihálka, Adrián Ohrádka, Igor Strinka and Vlado Zetek performed in eighteen fifteen-minute sketches. To see their clown mastery live is rare, since most of their time dedicated to the Trenčín Foundation is spent performing in institutions of social care, special schools and sanatoria throughout Slovakia.

Twenty years have passed since the inception of the Fund Dr. Clown, which is used to organize performances of clowns, mimes and puppeteers in facilities for children with disabilities throughout Slovakia. Exactly twenty years ago, Dr. Clown performed its first act under the banner of the Trenčín Foundation.

One more nice thing happened on Saturday. Just as the clowns do not fail to visit the children and perform for them each year, so did the children and their teachers and caretakers from several of the institutions (Center of Social Services Horelica, DSS Adamovské Kochanovce, Naša Chalúpka Center in Partizánske and Kreativ Klasov) not miss Saturday festivities.

15 June 2022