The First Response Has Helped Ukraine a Now it Needs our Persistence

Our project ‘Open Your Heart, Donate a Book‘ reminded us again that children like books. This goes for Slovak kids as well as those from Ukraine. In cooperation with our partners, we are securing printing of books in Ukrainian language. You can download the books yourselves, print it and deliver it to the collection spots for Ukraine. If you don´t have the capacity to print the book, you can send a financial contribution to the Trenčín Foundation and we will use these funds to print, cover and distribute the children´s books.

29 March 2022

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Note to recipient: Books Ukraine
Download books here

We are continuing to send our Dr. Clowns to places of residents of Ukrainian families to help ease the tension and cheer up not just the children, but also the adults with their numbers. If you like this activity, contribute to the foundation fund Dr. Clown of the Trenčín Foundation, which is traditionally used to finance clown performances. The clowns are performing just for the applause of the Ukrainian children, the financial support goes exclusively towards their travel expenses, or towards purchasing of a small gift, a colouring book, a ball or a jump rope.

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Note to recipient: Dr. Clown Ukraine

There is still a possibility to donate to reliable organizations that help directly at the border and in places of residence of Ukrainian families.

We know that there are owners and representatives of small, medium, and even larger businesses among our supporters. If you have the capacity to create a team of volunteers that are willing to help at the border or in the camp sites for 3-5 days, the help will be appreciated. The volunteers are getting tired as they keep working 24/7. The arrival of new teams, particularly if they can stay for several days, would be of considerable help to coordinators. If you are interested in this type of help, contact us: Nikola Sedláčková, project manager, +421 907403253, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

29 March 2022