Dr. Clown of the Trenčín Foundation is Helping Ukraine

Before our clowns appear at the Day with Dr. Clown event in June on the Štúr Square in Trenčín, they will meet children from Ukraine and attempt to make them smile. They will travel to places, where their acting and long term performing experience might help to ease tension, bring solace and a bit of an escape from the reality.

14 March 2022

The first contacts were made in the establishment on Inovec, in Ubľa and in Humenné, but if you know specific places, where children from Ukraine and their families are currently residing and where the clowns might be able to help, let us know and we will arrange a visit.

If you want to support this activity financially, send a contribution to the fund Dr. Clown of the Trenčín Foundation, which finances the clowns´ performances. The clowns are eager to help out as volunteers, so your financial support would only be used for the travel expenses from their travels across Slovakia.

Contac us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +421 903 175 863
Financial support can be sent to: SK81 3100 0000 0042 5004 1305
Variable symbol: 20030304 (number of the foundation fund)
Alternatively, you can add the note: Ukraine

14 March 2022