The Soup of Joy on the Valentine´s Friday 14th

Our next invitation for the Soup of Joy is once again to Kebabizňa on Sládkovičová 3 in Trenčín. Friday 14th February from 11am to 2pm, we will be directing our help to a family from Trenčianske Teplice. Their story will be made known to you at the event.

07 February 2020

Either because of the day of Saint Valentine, or just because it´s Friday, make the day special and change your habitual lunch for a tasty soup in Kebabizňa. The Sum you would have paid for your lunch will be donated.

Thanks to the proceeds from January, we were able to help the family of Novák from Melčice-Lieskové. Their second child Alex is two years old and despite his complicated diagnosis, he has a wicked sense of humour, likes children and manages all the difficult rehabilitations.

Once again, the first ten guests will be given olive-coloured bracelets for the From November to November game of the Trenčín Foundation.

07 February 2020